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Repetitive missions

The game improved a lot. But still need to have more different missions, it gets repetitive fast.


To what percentage can mr knuddels or birdy vehice can get ??? It sucks !!! That i get mr. knuddels only once yearly ... or the bird vehicle !? I wish equal Chances (persentage) for each vehicle i can get ! Mr. knuddles is the most beloved vehicle in your game and therefore Players should not have to pray for getting him !? Would love to see this fixed in further Uppdates ?! Result would be full stars rating from my side !

No hearts

Why you have deleted to buy hearts? That really sucks! Please add this again.

Good but works perfect for me!

I love this game according to my title of this review basically means that Im loving this game and also means... Smoke weed everyday

Great app, One flaw

Love this game; I havent played in awhile, but I just updated the app and the News tab isnt updated. The text just says TEXTTEXTTEXTTEXTTEXTTEXT and the button says BUTTON. Just a heads up so you can fix it. Thanks!


I love the game but plz add a proton pack jet pack pleeeessse


fun, easy, and time consuming

In App Purchases

This game is fun, but all my purchases r gone. I had an iPod touch and had bought everything in the game. I now have an iPhone and I am using the same Apple ID, but still all my purchases are gone. There is also no restore purchases button!


Its pretty cool mate




Its ok a little repetitive and not very entertaining I do it when Im bored


I played this a few years ago, and didnt like it that much, Until..... I played it yet again, and it was amazing, period.

All my stuff is gone....

I had saved up a lot of coins and gadgets and other things for the past few years then after the update before the last one I got on the game to play it and I noticed everything I had was gone my coins my gadgets were all gone like if I deleted my game then re downloaded it again and this happened to my older sister as well and now we wont play it anymore this made me really upset I just want all of my stuff back

Lost some stuff

I lost some of my stuff, including the sleigh of awesome, so can you please try and fix this for everyone affect by the update? Great game still

I have years of content, now all gone.



The iMessage stickers are not working and I was really exited for the please fix them for 5 stars.

Found a glitch!

Ever since I got Flash the dog as a gadget, every time I start the game he has replaced the gadget in my second slot! This is a minor complaint, but it is getting annoying. I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem and I would be quite grateful if it were fixed!

Good game but..

I LOST ALL MY Items I had all the gold vehicles An all the jetpacks and one day I lost them ALL

Great Game.

Love the game I have been playing it for years on a wide variety of devices. The iOS version is by far the best!

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